The Problem with Lithium Batteries

We recognise the dangers presented by the lithium batteries which are used in electric bikes and the unjust and unsustainable practices that it is extracted through.

The nature of lithium batteries, which contain a large amount of energy in a small space, means they are highly flammable with fires developing rapidly and at a very high temperature. They were responsible for over 190 injures in the UK and were the 3rd leading cause of fires in New York City last year.

The extraction process of lithium mirrors that of other natural minerals in that it is intensive, requires vast amounts of water, impacts indigenous lands and biodiversity while also being linked to human rights abuses

This is a complicated evolving issue and we sell e-bikes as we understand they are part of the transition to a more sustainable future which depends less on fossil fuels but we will always aim to stock the safest, best quality, most ethical and sustainable products for our shop.





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