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An Mheitheal Comhshaol is a multi-stakeholder cooperative and membership is open to all.  Cooperatives are alternative orgainsational models to capitalist models of ownership; their activities are run by the members and not by individual owners or shareholders. 

Classes of membership

We have three classes of members:

1. Worker members

  • Those employed by the co-op
  • Trainees

2. Volunteer members

  • Those committed to regular, formal volunteering, such as our volunteer mechanics

3. Community members

  • Service users such as people who come to our DIY workshops
  • Occasional/ad hoc volunteers
  • Anyone with an interest in what we do

Each member class elects a representative to our board.

Benefits of membership

  • Be an active part of our co-op, participating in decision making and operations
  • Have the chance to put forward ideas and activities
  • Vote at our AGM 
  • Be part of other meetings and gatherings

Application for membership

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