An Mheitheal Comhshaol: A not for profit cooperative

An Mheitheal Comhshaol is a not for profit cooperative society, registration number 5969R.

As a cooperative society, we believe in the seven principles of cooperatives:

  1. Voluntary and open membership. Anyone can join; there is no discrimination.
  2. Democratic member control.  Members elect reps to make decisions.
  3. Member economic participation.  Assets are held in trust by the co-op for the benefit of community & the environment.
  4. Autonomy and independence.  Self help, empowerment, member control.
  5. Education, training and information.  Provide training to ourselves & the community.
  6. Cooperation among co-operatives.  Work with like minded orgs (eg Community Bikes Ireland network).
  7. Concern for community. Work for a just transition, empower communities, democratise the economy.

Why we are committed to co-op values

  • We want to change how the economy works. Climate change, the extinction crisis, inequality, and the need for a just transition mean we have to find alternative ways for society to organise, create and share resources.
  • Together we are powerful. Working together lets us do amazing things. So far we’ve set up our community workshop, our shop in Galway Shopping Centre, and created our award winning ReCycle Your Cycle initiative.
  • We want to be a leader of this model for others in Ireland. Not for profit co-ops are common in other countries. We want it to be easier for other groups to do the same here in Ireland.
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