Bike to work and save money – and communities

Thinking of buying a new bike? Heard about the Bike to Work scheme?

An Mheitheal Rothar. Photograph by Aengus McMahon

Our Ethos

We are a social enterprise working for Galway’s community and environment.

An Mheitheal Rothar are delighted to announce that we are now selling new bikes which are eligible for the Cycle to Work scheme. Your purchase of a new bike and accessories from us can save you money on your commute, and help you get fitter and healthier.

You’ll also be helping to support our community work like our recycling initiatives, our training programs, and our DIY workshops where anyone can learn to fix their own bike.

The Bike to Work scheme allows eligible employees to pay for the cost of a new bike and accessories such as helmets, lights and locks with pre-tax income. This can save you almost half the cost of the bike. And that’s before you even add in the money saved on fuel, parking, bus or train tickets.

How much could you save?*

Final cost to youMonthly payment
(over 12 months)
% saving
Bike + accessories = €1000
I earn €25k€712.50€59.3828.75%
I earn €35k+€512.50€42.7148.75%
Bike + accessories = €1500
I earn €25k€1068.75€89.0628.75%
I earn €35k+€768.75€64.0648.75%
*Example for illustrative purposes only, your savings will depend on your individual tax situation

How to apply for the Bike to Work scheme

  1. Ask your employer if they are participating
  2. Yes? Call into our shop and discuss your needs with our team
  3. Get a written quote for your package of bikes and accessories
  4. Submit the quote to your employer, who will pay it
  5. Call in and collect your new bike!

Stocks are limited so check out our new bikes for sale. You can call into our shop in Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road any time and our team will be delighted to help you put a quote together and access the scheme through your participating employer.

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